Minutes of Past Meetings


5/2/17 Field training in Modesto; Petra DeJesus/Police Commission; Sophie Maxwell and DCCC ideas; Amy Farah Weiss and the St Francis Homelesseness Challenge
4/4/17 Faith in Action/Sanctuary support; brainstorming DCCC alliances; Sister District
3/7/17 Phone banking; Sanctuary City and immigrant rights; future allies
2/7/17 Trump boycott; Climate Change and Health Care resistance
1/3/17  The Women’s March, Brainstorming for the Resistance, CADEM endorsements


10/4/16 PHDC slate card distribution, Auction results, Assemblyman David Chiu
9/13/16 BART Board, SFUSD Board, and local propositions; endorsement vote
9/6/16 Various offices, City College and local propositions; endorsement vote
8/2/16 State offices and propositions; endorsement vote
5/3/16 Unite Here! hotel boycott; endorsed candidate visits
4/12/16 Candidates for SF DCCC; endorsement vote
4/5/16 Judicial candidate forum; Presidential candidate surrogates; propositions; endorsement votes
3/1/16 Solutions to homelessness panel discussion
2/2/16 Robyn Thomas with update on gun violence prevention legislation; officer elections
1/5/16 Shared Schoolyards; CCSF; CA DISCLOSE Act; Paris climate conference


10/6/15 Forum on drought and climate change
9/15/15 Mayoral candidates; propositions pro & con; endorsement votes
9/1/15 Propositions pro & con; endorsement votes
8/4/15 CCSF Trustee candidate forum; Sheriff candidate debate; endorsement votes
7/7/15 Black Lives Matter activists panel & discussion
5/5/15 Calle 24/Plaza 16 Coalition; End-of-Life Option Act
4/7/15 Smorgasbord of political issues
3/3/15 City Attorney Dennis Herrera; threat to Social Security
2/3/15 Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi; Larry Bush on reforms of campaign finance & lobbying rules; officer elections
1/6/15 Share Better SF on Airbnb; Evolve CA on reforming Prop 13; CCSF update


10/7/14 Endorsed candidates and campaigns visit and speak
9/9/14 School Board & CCSF Trustee candidate forums; revisiting judicial and Assembly District 17 races; endorsement vote
9/2/14 More propositions pro & con; endorsement vote
8/5/14 Propositions pro & con; endorsement vote
7/2/14 District 10 Supervisor candidate debate, Marisa Lagos moderating; endorsement vote
6/3/14 Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi; Campaign for a Healthy California
5/6/14 Endorsed campaigns visit; housing crisis panel – Tim Colen, Sara Shortt, Calvin Welch, Brad Paul moderating
4/1/14 Candidates and propositions; Sec of State debate; endorsement vote
3/5/14 Campos vs. Chiu Assembly debate; Prop B pro & con, endorsement vote
2/4/14 Water in a time of draught; member feedback; officer elections
1/7/14 UNITE HERE Local 2 vs. Centerplate at AT&T Park

11/5/13 CCSF Resolution; Bayview homeless shelter
10/1/13 Auction report; state of Unions in SF- Casey & Thériault
9/3/13 Nov 5th election candidate & ballot-measure endorsement meeting
8/6/13 More Sunshine at City Hall – Herrera, Chiu, Bush
6/4/13 Revenue-neutral carbon tax; Warriors development – Art Agnos & Rick Welts
5/7/13 Health Care Reform & what it means to you; resolution against Social Security cuts
4/2/13 Water policy at state & local level; issue updates
3/5/13 Saving City College panel
2/7/13 Gun control panel; Officer elections
1/8/13 Actions vs. money: overturn Citizens United; new CA DISCLOSE Act; MLK Day of Service. Bylaws amendments

12/4/12 Election aftermath World Café: Tom Ammiano et al.
10/3/12 Debate watch party; endorsed campaigns; precinct walks
9/11/12 Nov. election endorsement meeting: Candidates for City College Board,, School Board, BART Director
9/4/12 Nov. election endorsement meeting: state and local ballot measures
8/7/12 No Wall on the Waterfront endorsement; Obama campaign; planning for party & Shop Local silent auction
6/5/12 Obama campaign at Connecticut Yankee
5/1/12 CleanPowerSF, SF Energy Coop, Food & Water Watch
4/3/12 June election endorsement meeting: DCCC candidates; state & local ballot measures
3/6/12 Free Muni for Youth; Occupy San Francisco
2/7/12 SF Redistricting Task Force; officer elections
1/3/12 Ranked-Choice Voting panel & debate

11/1/11 Move Your Money (to a credit union or community bank) panel; Bylaws amendment
10/4/11 Endorsed candidates & campaigns; Sharp Park vote
9/13/11 Local ballot measures
9/6/11 District Attorney Candidate Forum; candidates for Sheriff
8/2/11 Sharp Park Golf Course debate; resolution to end Afghanistan war
6/7/11 A Fair Farm Bill (Food & Water Watch) and local food politics
5/3/11 New Priorities and CA DISCLOSE Act endorsements; High-Speed Rail presentation
4/5/11 Campaign for New Priorities; Fight for a Fair Economy; new 1st VP; Supervisor Cohen
3/1/11 Eliminating Redevelopment Agencies: panel discussion
2/1/11 SFMTA ENTRIPS overview; Potrero Power Plant closure; 2011 officers
1/4/11 Program ideas, SF Redistricting (joint meeting with BVHPDC)

6/10 Jeff Adachi, Shipyard EIR letter, Water Bonds redux, D10 Candidates
5/10 CleanPowerSF, Why Tuesday, Water Bonds, D10 Candidates
4/10 June Election props and candidates
3/10 India Baseline Shoreline; Judicial Forum
2/10 Repair California
1/10 CA Majority Rule

11/09 Panel on Water Issues
10/09 Senator Mark Leno, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano; District 10 Supervisor Candidates
9/09 Election Endorsements and Open-Source Voting
8/09 Closing the Prop 13 Loophole; District 10 Supervisor Candidates
7/09 National Health Care Panel
6/09 SB 792 and Public Defender Jeff Adachi
5/09 Solar, Bayview Alternatives, Pier 70
4/09 State Props 1A-1F
3/09 SF Clean Power and Plans for Potrero Terrace
2/09 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi
1/09 Prop 8 Aftermath and More Tuesday, Jan. 6th

12/08 Post-Election Meeting/Celebration
9/08 18 Local ballot measures (audio)
9/08 Local candidates for Board of Education and Community College Board (audio)
8/08 August 5 State Propositions Endorsement Meeting
7/08 July 1 Meeting Proposition 13 Revisited
6/08 June 3 Potluck Election Night
5/08 Super Delegates, Clean Money, SF General Helipad
4/08 The REST of the June 3rd Primary Ballot
3/08 State Senate District 3 Debate Transcript
2/08 Primary Watch Party & officer election
1/08 State & local ballot measures

12/07 Party Endorsement Party
10/07 DA Kamala Harris
9/18/07 Local endorsements
9/4/07 Single-payer healthcare
8/07 Assemblyman Mark Leno
6/07 Helipad forum
5/07 Senator Carole Migden
4/07 SF Democratic Party officials
3/07 City Attorney Dennis Herrera
2/07 The beginning

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