Endorsements for JUNE 7, 2016 Presidential Primary Election


No position

Superior Court Judge: Office Number 7
No position

Candidates for a single office require a 60% or higher vote to be endorsed. We will revisit the races above, and consider other candidates, for state & Federal office, after the “Top Two” primary is over.

San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee, AD 17
Alysabeth Alexander
Tom Ammiano
David Campos
Petra DeJesus
Bevan Dufty
Jon Golinger
Pratima Gupta
Frances Hsieh
Jane Kim
Rafael Mandelman
Sophie Maxwell
Aaron Peskin
Cindy Wu

Candidates in a multi-seat race require a 50% or higher vote to be endorsed. Ballot propositions require at least 60%.

California Proposition
50 – YES Limits on Legislators’ Terms in office. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. Allows State legislators to suspend colleagues without pay; includes safeguards to prevent abuse.

Regional Proposition
AA – YES Clean and Healthy Bay Parcel Tax. Region-wide parcel tax of just $12 to restore wetlands around the Bay: our best defense against rising sea levels.

San Francisco Propositions
A – YES  Public Health and Safety Bond. For specific upgrade to SF General, neighborhood health centers & fire stations, the City ambulance facility, and homeless shelters & services. Does not raise taxes, since a prior bond has been paid off.
B – NO  Park, Recreation and Open Space Fund. Charter Amendment. A set-aside that only requires a majority vote to pass, and has zero indication of how the poorly-managed, privatization-happy Rec & Park Dept will spend the money.
C – YES  Affordable Housing Requirements. Charter Amendment. Requires larger private developments to provide 25% affordable housing onsite, or 33% off-site.
D – YES  Office of Citizen Complaints Investigations. Initiative Ordinance. Any shooting by police resulting in injury or death will be investigated, whether a complaint is filed or not.
E – YES  Paid Sick Leave. Initiative Ordinance. Brings the City ordinance in line with state law.

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