We had a spirited meeting on December 3. Learn more below about the topics.

Democratic Presidential Candidates

Representatives from the following campaigns attended the meeting.

Elizabeth Warren

Bernie Sanders

Amy Klobuchar

Pete Buttigieg

AD-17 DCCC Candidates*

17 AD-17 candidates attended our meeting. If you were unable to attend, you can listen to the following audio.

DCCC AD-17 Candidate Panel Audio

You can hear the candidates on the audio linked above. They spoke to the Club in the following order:

Nima Rahimi

Shaun Haines

Mick Del Rosario

David Campos

Laura Foote

Alysabeth Alexander Tut

Austin Hunter

Sophie Maxwell

Mike Chen

Shamann Walton

Anietie Ekenam

Jane Kim

Bivett Brackett

Peter Gallotta

Rick Hauptman

Frances Hsieh

Nomvula O’Meara

Two other candidates were unable to attend but provided answers to some of the questions posed to candidates linked below:

Tyra Fennell

Steven Buss

*Some candidates may no longer be running or may not have received the signatures required to be on the ballot at the time you are viewing this information.

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