Prop 8 aftermath & MORE

January 6th, 2009

Anti-Prop 8 activist Dave Chandler spoke eloquently and movingly about his family’s experiences before and after the civil rights disaster Prop 8. The ad hoc committee on peaceful neighborhoods described its first meeting about research and potential collaborations to help make our neighborhoods safer. We tabled the District 10 Supervisor candidate speculation – it’s way too early. Members approved a letter to Speaker Pelosi in support of Clean and Fair Elections (full public financing) for congressional campaigns. Officers were nominated; there’s still time for more nominations at the beginning of our next meeting, February 3rd. Old business, new business, refreshments & cameraderie, at the usual time and place.

Dave Chandler against Prop 8 Photo: Quint King

Dave Chandler against Prop 8 Photo: Quint King

Audio and Photos:

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Photos: Quint King ( for individual photos click HERE )

District 10 Supervisor Search by Pat Cleveland

Peaceful Safe Neighborhoods by Ted Miller

Prop 8 Fallout by Dave Chandler

Fair Elections Now by Joni Eisen

Storycorps Oral History Project by Frank Kingman

Quint King
Secretary, Potrero Hill Democratic Club
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