Our first meeting of 2012 featured a lively panel about Ranked-Choice a.k.a. Instant Runoff Voting, in recent and future San Francisco elections. Experts on the subject discussed its strengths and weaknesses, what alternatives there are, and why we should – or shouldn’t – pursue them. There were of course lots of audience questions. Click here for some video coverage of the panel. And here’s another video. Click here for photos by Linda Post.

Jason Benlevi, tech industry veteran and author of Too Much Magic, who opposes it
Steven Hill, author and political reformer who led the 2002 campaign to pass instant-runoff voting in San Francisco
Tony Kelly, political activist who ran for Supervisor under the system in 2010 and still supports it
Clay Shentrup, Director, Center for Election Science, who wants to replace it

Moderator: John Wildermuth, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer

Nominations for 2012 officers (election to be held in February) are open.

WHEN: Tuesday, January 3, 7pm
WHERE: Potrero Hill Neighborhood House, 953 De Haro St

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