CA Majority Rule

January 4th, 2010

State CapitolThat is, bring it back! California is the only state in the nation which requires a 2/3 vote for both revenue and budget. Just one sentence will fix that: “All legislative action on revenue and budget must be determined by majority rule.” That, in essence, is the ballot proposition for November 2010 submitted to the Attorney General by author and UC Berkeley linguistics Professor George Lakoff.

Sonoma State University philosophy Professor Teed Rockwell of the CA Majority Rule campaign spoke to us about bringing sanity back to the state legislative process. The Club endorsed the initiative. If you would like to sign the San Francisco petition to get it on the November ballot, please email [email protected] .

Also, one more candidate for Supervisor in District 10 introduced herself and spoke briefly.

Audio and Photos:

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Photos: Quint King ( for individual photos click HERE )

Call to Order and Officer Reports Joni Eisen

Restore CA Majority Rule Teed Rockwell

Supervisor Candidate Geoffrea Morris

New Business Joni Eisen

Announcements Joni Eisen

Quint King
Secretary, Potrero Hill Democratic Club
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